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Active Termite

Active Termites

Did you know that Termites cause an Estimated $1Billion Dollars’ worth of damage to Australian homes on an Annual Basis???

So you think you may have found ACTIVE TERMITES??? Your first course of Action is – DO NOT DISTURB!!! Call the Experts today!!!

Whilst we completely understand that you may just want to go and grab a tin of Pea Beu or Mortein spray, please resist the temptation and leave them be.

Once Termites are disturbed and sometimes that happens by complete accident and of no fault of your own, they will retreat back to their nest wherever that may be – it could be five houses down the road for all we know.  In order to achieve maximum results when treating Active Termites, our Technician needs to be able to detect, locate and treat as many Active Termites in the nest, leads or trails as possible – which is why we ask you to please DO NOT DISTURB them….

Active Termites can be located both – in or around your home and if they’re left untreated, may gain access into your property.

Once the Active Termites have been treated – the intention is that the Termites will then take the Foam, Dust or Liquid Termiticide (depending on the method of treatment and where they are located) back to their nest and colony elimination will occur. This spot treatment of Active Termites is a temporary measure only and should be followed up by a Complete Termite Management Program, carried out to the exterior perimeter and/or subfloor of the home or commercial premises to reduce any further or future Termite attack…

Apart from inside your home or premises, Termites can be found in trees, stumps, fences, retaining walls, landscaping timbers, Etc. and thrive in environments that are warm (ideally temperatures between 24 – 35 degrees Celsius), dark and moist.

In areas throughout Australia where they tend to have more mild winters – Termites can be active all year round.  Their general foraging activities vary in accordance to the soil temperature due to sun exposure and therefore you will find their daily activity can alter throughout any one day, from day to day and throughout the seasons.

So your best reaction upon finding Active Termites is to call us immediately and we will send one of our Qualified Pest Management Technicians to treat the Termite Activity located and will recommend any additional Termite Treatment or follow up visits that may be required.

With over 300 hundred species of Termites in Australia, you need an expert in their field – so call McKenna Pest Control to help solve your Termite problem today!