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Chemical Termite Treatments / Barriers / Treatment Zones

“Did you know that it’s well documented that 1 in every 3 homes located within Australia will be effected by Termites in their lifetime???”

Apart from your regular Visual Termite Inspections that we recommend be carried out at least on an Annual basis and as recommended by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission – by having a Chemical Termite Treatment Program installed by one of McKenna Pest Control’s certified Termite Pest Management Technicians is the best way to protect your home or business from Termite Ingress.

Considering every property is different, a qualified technician would visit your premises to assess the situation, discuss Treatment recommendations and present a written Termite Treatment proposal for your consideration.

All chemicals including the Termiticides used throughout our pest and Termite management treatments are registered & approved by the Queensland health department. We do not use Generic Termiticides.


Termiticides we use are:

·       Termidor HE* (Fipronil) – BASF

·       Termidor SC* (Fipronil) – BASF

·       Biflex (Bifenthrin) – FMC


Applications of Termite Treatments / Barriers / Treatment Zones can vary from house to house and from one commercial property to another, as each building is unique…

Treatment may include – drilling holes through concrete paths, tiles, or pavers to inject Termiticide.  If drilling is required, holes are placed approximately 300mm out from the edge of the building and are drilled at 150-200mm intervals according to the Australian Standards (AS-3660.2-2017). Please Note – Termidor HE allows for up to 450mm Centres – reducing the overall impact on the property and creating a more ascetically pleasing appearance to tiled areas. All holes are resealed once Termiticide has been injected.

Where there are soil areas abutting the structure or home, the Technician will trench to the footings and apply the Termiticide in layers and back fill to the original level around the exterior perimeter of the building.  This helps ensure that a complete and continuous Termite Treatment Zone is installed, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your premises are fully protected from subterranean termites.

Upon completion of your Termite Treatment, we endeavour to ensure that your property is left as clean and neat as possible.

In most cases a 60 months free service period is offered in conjunction with a “Full and Complete Termite Management Program,” unless our technician feels that it is not an available option due to the building’s construction or according to the treatment plan.

With over 300 hundred species of Termites in Australia, you need an expert in their field…

So if you would like to Schedule an Obligation free Termite Treatment Quotation, Call McKenna Pest Control to help solve your Termite Problem today…


*Termidor is the preferred Termiticide used by McKenna Pest Control