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FLIR Infrared Camera

FLIR Infrared Camera

The FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) E6 Camera is a powerful instrument that can be used for a number of different applications – Including use within the Pest Management Industry.

With its MSX Technology (thermal images) & four resolution options – the FLIR Infrared Camera is able to provide the Pest Management Technician with very clear and detailed images, irrespective of the target size, detail or working distance required.

The FLIR thermal images accurately indicate variations in surface temperatures and any possible Termite and/or building issues that may require immediate attention – for example an Active Termite Nest or leaking shower tap behind the wall.

As mentioned previously regarding both the Borescope and Termatrac Machines – the FLIR E6 is only an additional tool and not part of the Australian Standards, so please be aware that it is not used during the course of every Termite Inspection.

But in saying that – With over 300 Species of Termites in Australia, having access to the latest technology is always an advantage in the quest to help locate and control Subterranean Termites.