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General Pest Control

Our Pest Management Technicians are dedicated to providing comprehensive and customised solutions to protect your home from a variety of invaders.


Cockroaches & Silverfish 

McKenna Pest Control offers a complete service for cockroaches and silverfish infestations that includes treatment using various methods to cupboards, skirting boards, wall cavities, cracks and crevices. Dusting of roof voids and external weep holes are also important, as this is where cockroaches tend to breed. Treatment plans may become more customised depending on the degree of the problem.


In the case of an ant infestation (Including Black Ants) – McKenna Pest Control can provide both internal and external treatments, although Ant Treatments are predominantly external only.  External treatments are conducted by spraying a barrier / band spray around the base of the exterior perimeter of the building and dusting all weep holes.  It is also recommended that the roof void be dusted at the same time, as that is where Black Ants particularly like to nest.  Internal problems can be resolved by spraying around doors and window frames for example, wherever they may be trailing.


Redback Spiders are particularly dangerous in the summer months, but they do breed year-round, making preventative treatment a necessary course of action. Our spider treatments include spraying external walls of the premises and underneath the eaves.  In addition, treatment to the roof void will ensure a more comprehensive treatment is carried out.

Fleas, Carpet Moths, & Beetles

Prior to treatment for Fleas, Carpet moths / Beetles, we require all floor areas to be vacuumed, mopped and as many items be removed from the floor as possible.  The more floor area the Technician is able to gain access to, the more effective the treatment will be.

Upon completion, we ask that you please refrain from vacuuming and mopping for at least 2-3 weeks to prevent any re-infestation occurring.  We also recommend that all animals be treated at the same time using a flea control agent available from your local vet or pet supply store and that all grass areas be kept as short as possible.

A free service period of 1 month is offered for flea treatments and in some extreme cases a service period cannot be offered at all. Please note a free service period is not offered for carpet moths / beetles.

Rats & Mice

McKenna Pest Control’s cardboard and plastic lockable bait stations are the perfect solution for your rodent or mouse problem. Depending on the degree of the infestation, treatment may be just a “One-Off’ treatment, or additional Visits may be required to check and re-bait these stations to solve your problem effectively. Due to workplace health and safety requirements, lockable bait stations are used predominantly on commercial premises and occasionally in domestic homes when required.

Wasps & Bees

Found normally during warmer months, wasps and bees tend to build nests and hives outside of buildings under eaves, balconies, and nearby trees. There are different elimination processes for wasps and bees, so effective treatment relies upon proper identification.

Wasps and bees are best treated either early morning or late in the afternoon, as they are not so aggressive at that time of the day and a more successful outcome can be achieved.