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Termite Inspections

Residential Termite Inspection in Kenmore

McKenna Pest Control offers both Domestic and Commercial Inspection packages—including Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspections.

Our comprehensive Termite Inspections and Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspections (which are carried out prior to the purchase of a new property) are carried out by our qualified and experienced Pest Management Technicians to provide a visual analysis of your property.  A combination of both internal and external timber and moisture assessments are carried out to help identify any conducive conditions that require rectification or if any Termite infestation is evident.

Visual Timbers to be assessed can include:

  • door frames
  • window frames
  • skirting boards
  • roof voids
  • subfloors
  • tree stumps
  • fences
  • retaining walls, etc. around the perimeter of the home/building within a 50 metre radius, where applicable

Moisture meters are also used throughout the course of the Inspection in the wet areas of the home (laundry, bathrooms, etc.), as moisture can attract termites.  We have both a “Duty of Care” and “Duty to Warn” of all areas where moisture was detected, so you can engage the advice of a Qualified Plumber or other expert to help reduce the overall risk of Termite Infestation.

Our Pest Management Technicians may also choose to use the following tools in areas of concern Only:

to assist in identifying movement behind walls and to help detect any Termite Activity, Termite Nests and /or Colonies.  These tools are not a requirement of the Australian Standards and therefore are not necessarily used during the course of every Visual Termite Inspection.

A written Inspection Report will be provided upon completion and at this time discussion can also be held with our Pest Management Technician, so that you will have a full understanding of any conducive conditions that your property may have and its current degree of risk to Termite ingress. Recommendations for Termite Treatment will then be provided to ensure swift eradication of any Termite Activity.

McKenna Pest Control recommends Visual Termite Inspections to be carried out at least on an Annual Basis, as per the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). Due to the environmental conditions Queensland has experienced over the last 5 years, more regular Inspections are highly recommended, which is why we forward reminder letters to our clients every 6 months. It is then up to you, the property owner, how often you have an Inspection carried out.


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