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“Subterranean termites are generally ground dwelling, or require contact with the soil or a constant source of moisture to survive.”

Termite damage to Australian homes has been on the rise since 1995, when the highly toxic cyclodiene insecticides were withdrawn from use throughout Australia.

There are a number of underlying factors that will attract termites to your property apart from timber & moisture and that is – South-East Queensland’s Sub-Tropical Climate.

Our Sub-Tropical Climate provides the perfect environmental conditions conducive to possible Termite Infestation.  Therefore being proactive and having your home or premises regularly inspected by a Qualified Pest Management Technician is the best course of action in protecting your most valuable asset.

Treatment to your property by one of McKenna Pest Control’s Tailored Termite Treatment Management Programs is the best way to protect your home or property.  Considering every property is different, a qualified technician will visit your premises, assess the situation, discuss treatment recommendations, and present a written termite treatment proposal.

Whether you have an Active Termite problem or would just like to protect your home from future infestation, McKenna Pest Control can Offer a variety of termite solutions. Click on one of the many options below for further information.


With over 300 hundred species of Termites in Australia, you need an expert in their field – so call McKenna Pest Control to help solve your Termite problem today!