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What is the best way to protect my property from Termites?

Apart from your regular Visual Termite Inspections that we recommend be carried out at least on an Annual basis – Treating your property with one of McKenna Pest Control’s certified Termite Management Programs is the best way to protect your home or business from Termite Ingress.

Considering every property is different, a qualified technician will visit your premises to assess the situation, discuss Treatment recommendations and present a written Termite Treatment proposal for your consideration.


What Termite Treatments and Baiting Options do you offer?

Whether you have a Termite problem or just want to protect your home, McKenna Pest Control offers a variety of Termite solutions including:

·       Termidor Foaming

·       Chemical Termite Treatments

·       Termx (Reticulation) Replenishment System

·       HomeGuard

·       Nemesis Termite Bait System

.       Sentricon Always Active Bait System

.       Trelona Advance Baiting System

·       Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System


What chemicals does McKenna Pest Control use for Termites?

All chemicals used throughout our pest management processes are registered & approved by the Queensland health department. They include:

·       Termidor SC & Termidor HE (Fipronil) – BASF

·       Biflex (Bifenthrin) – FMC

Termidor is McKenna Pest Controls preferred Termiticide in treating for the control of Subterranean Termites…


Does the Termite Treatment process require an alteration to my property?

Each home is unique. Treatment processes may require drilling holes through concrete paths, tiles, or pavers to inject Termiticide. If drilling is required, holes are placed approximately 300mm from the edge of the building and are drilled at 150-200mm intervals according to Australian Standards.  All holes are resealed once Termiticide has been injected.  Chemicals may also be placed directly into the ground through trenches around the perimeter of the premises.  After injection, soil is backfilled and the barrier is brought back to the surface to enhance termite protection.  Upon completion of the treatment, McKenna Pest Control ensures that your property is left as clean as possible.


Will I receive a Free Service Period on my Termite Treatment?

Yes – In most cases a 60 months free service period is offered in conjunction with a “Full and Complete Termite Management Program,” unless a technician feels that it is not an available option due to the building’s construction or according to the treatment plan.


Will my Termite damaged timbers be replaced?

Unfortunately both your normal household insurance policy and McKenna Pest Control do not personally repair or replace Termite damaged timbers.


How do I book an obligation free Termite Treatment Quotation?

To make a booking, contact us.


Do you offer finance terms?

YES – McKenna Pest Control now Offers ZIP – Own it Now, Pay Later


Do you offer warranties on your products or services?

Yes! In Association with the chemicals Manufacturers, we are able to offer their respective warranties depending upon the Termiticide applied and the length of Free Service Period given.