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Termite Prevention

“Did you know that Subterranean Termites can gain entry into your property via a crack in the slab that is ONLY 1.3mm wide???” Now that’s a scary thought…

Termites (or white ants as they are also referred to) have the capability of causing extensive damage to the construction of your home or premises and can enter your property in numerous ways, regardless of whether the building is made of brick or timber and more often than not they will enter undetected. Therefore Prevention is the key component in protecting your property from termite infestations.

Termites can gain entry as noted above – via a crack or join in the concrete slab, alongside waste water pipes that pass through the slab and also via weepholes (which are located around the base of your home or premises).

Moisture and ground level timber sources are both conducive conditions that also attract Subterranean Termites and are a major contributing factor in most infestations that we come across on a daily basis.

To discourage & prevent termites from entering your property, we recommend positioning gardens & irrigation systems as far away from the external walls as possible. Air conditioning units, rainwater tanks, and hot water system overflows should be directed either further away from the external walls of the building or into a drain.

Timber lying in the subfloor or on the ground around the exterior perimeter of building and/or landscaping timbers should be removed or replaced with non-susceptible treated material and all weepholes should be kept as clear as possible from foliage, refuse, soil and the like.

Additionally any broken or rusted downpipes or leaking external and/or internal taps that create a moisture source should be rectified by a qualified plumber or other expert.

Finally, you should Prevent Termites from entering your home or premises by having one of McKenna Pest Control’s Termite Treatment Programs installed around the exterior perimeter of the building.

Your Property is one of your greatest assets and we think it’s worth protecting…

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