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What are Termites?

Did you know there are over 300 Species of Termites in Australia?


Termites, or White Ants (as they are also commonly known), are Subterranean, ground dwelling, tunnel building, social insects that live in colonies. An established colony can consist of up to several million individuals. Regardless of numbers, Termites can cause immense property damage.

Known as the silent destroyer amongst Australian pests, Termites often thrive in yards and homes regardless of whether the building is made of brick or timber and more often than not they will enter your premises undetected without any immediate signs of damage and moisture is often a major contributing factor in attracting termite infestation.

Termites can enter your home in a number of ways and they can include the following: Cracks or joins in the concrete slab, alongside waste water / penetration pipes that pass through the concrete slab & also through weepholes (which are located around the base of your home or premises) just to name a few.

Feeding on all forms of wood, including housing foundations / structures, roof void timbers, door frames, window frames, timber decking, landscaping timbers, trees, stumps, fences, timber stacks, building refuse and even books, any home can provide Termites with the proper conditions for an infestation.

With over 300 hundred species of Termites in Australia, you need an expert in their field – so call McKenna Pest Control to help solve your Termite problem today!