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Foaming & Dusting of Active Termites

Termidor Foam and Termidor Dust are Termiticides that can be applied in and around residential and commercial structures.  Ideal for spot treatments in wall voids, cracks and crevices – both products are effective in helping to control Subterranean Termites.

Depending upon the degree of Activity, where it is located and the Species of Termites in question, each will determine whether a foaming solution or a dust will be applied.

The Active ingredient in both the Termidor Foam & Dust is Fipronil.  Fipronil is an undetectable chemical which cannot be seen, smelled, tasted, or avoided.  Instead Termites contact, ingest, and share the active ingredient with their nestmates leading to colony eradication.

Termidor is the most effective and fastest treatment at completely eliminating termite populations.