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Termidor HE

High-Efficiency Termiticide
“The NEW Version of Termidor!”

Termidor HE is the NEW version of the most well renowned Termiticide on the market for over the last 15years – Termidor SC…

Termidor HE is manufactured by BASF and provides a new standard in protection against Subterranean Termites for one of your Greatest Assets – YOUR HOME…

With its Patented Advanced Polymer Technology (APT), Termidor HE is able to disperse more efficiently & effectively through the soil during treatment, allowing the need for fewer holes to be drilled around the exterior perimeter of your home or commercial premises.

Overall the impact on your property is reduced, as holes are able to be drilled up to 450mm centres – providing a more ascetically pleasing appearance throughout tiled areas. And when you have expensive tiles around your home, the last thing you want is hundreds of holes drilled through them.

McKenna Pest Control is proud to be one of only a few Companies Accredited to Install Termidor HE.

As a Result we are able to Offer our Customers a $2Million Dollar Termidor Assurance Warranty – which covers structural damage up to $2Million Dollars.

So whether you’ve had a Termite Treatment carried out previously OR you would just like to ensure that your home has the NEXT LEVEL of Protection – then Termidor HE should be your choice in Termite Treatment.

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